Dinner Menu

Back to the Basics…….

Consistent Food with Personal Attention to Quality & Service!


Shrimp Cocktail Supreme  $9
jumbo shrimp steamed in a spice bath and served with housemade cocktail sauce
Soup Al’oignon  $6
full bodied onion soup, baked with white wine, and crusted with cheese
She Crab Soup  $7
a rich and creamy stock, stuffed with crabmeat
Escargot  $9
exquisitely baked in garlic butter in the european tradition


Mushrooms Sauteed in Drawn Butter  $5
Mushrooms Sauteed in Wine Sauce  $5


Grilled Chicken Teriyaki  $17
two five-ounce boneless chicken breasts, marinated in the crown’s very own teriyaki sauce, and grilled over charcoal
Chicken Cordon Blue  $18
boneless breast of tender chicken stuffed with maple ham and swiss cheese; breaded, browned, and covered with our creamy béarnaise sauce
Chicken Tortellini  $17
a boneless breast of grilled chicken, served with cheese tortellini and broccoli, smothered in a rich cream sauce
Grilled Yellowfin Tuna  $21
sushi grade tuna seared with a special blend of seasonings (blackened upon request), served with teriyaki sauce on the side—prepared medium unless requested otherwise
Crab Stuffed Shrimp  $20
five jumbo shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, then baked until golden brown
Cold Water Lobster Tails  $31
two five-ounce broiled cold-water lobster tails lightly basted in our own seasoned butter



Crown Sterling Ribeye Steak  $21
a ten-ounce cut of aged and marbled Western Ribeye, lightly seasoned, and grilled over live charcoal

 Steaks cut at the table upon request—Each additional ounce—$1.50


The Host Choice Dinner  $23

#1 Seller since 1970!

a ten-ounce cut of the Crown Sterling Ribeye Steak, a Crown Sterling Wine Sauce Parfaitand a glass of our house wine


The Crown Filet Mignon  $28
eight-ounces of our leanest steak, lightly seasoned, and grilled over live charcoal.
(due to thickness, we recommend rare to medium; otherwise, the filet may be butterflied)
ten-ounce Filet cut available  $32
The Niblick Filet  $23
for the lighter appetite, a five-ounce cut of tender filet mignon, wrapped in bacon
Steak Teriyaki  $22
a ten-ounce cut of our Ribeye, smothered with a thick and rich teriyaki sauce of our own creation
Filet & Lobster  $34
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with one five-ounce cold-water broiled lobster tail lightly basted in butter
Filet & Shrimp  $28
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with two shrimp stuffed with crabmeat
Filet & Grilled Chicken  $28
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with one five-ounce chicken breast marinated in our own special teriyaki sauce
Crown Sterling Salad Bar  $12
indulge your whims and create a meal in itself

All entrees include the Crown Sterling Salad Bar; a choice of baked potato, broccoli or rice.