Dinner Menu

Back to the Basics…….

Consistent Food with Personal Attention to Quality & Service!


Shrimp Cocktail Supreme   9
jumbo shrimp steamed in a spice bath and served with housemade cocktail sauce
Soup Al’oignon   6
full bodied onion soup, baked with white wine, and crusted with cheese
She Crab Soup   7
a rich and creamy stock, stuffed with crabmeat
Escargot   9
exquisitely baked in garlic butter in the European tradition


Mushrooms Sauteed in Drawn Butter   5
Mushrooms Sauteed in Wine Sauce   5



Grilled Chicken Teriyaki   17
two five-ounce boneless chicken breasts, marinated in the crown’s very own teriyaki sauce, and grilled over charcoal
Chicken Cordon Bleu   18
boneless breast of tender chicken stuffed with maple ham and swiss cheese; breaded, browned, and covered with our creamy béarnaise sauce
Chicken Tortellini   17
a boneless breast of grilled chicken, served with cheese tortellini and broccoli, smothered in a rich cream sauce
Grilled Pork Ribeye   18
eight ounces of tender, juicy pork ribeye grilled in a balsamic and sriracha glaze
Grilled Yellowfin Tuna   21
sushi grade tuna seared with a special blend of seasonings (blackened upon request), served with teriyaki sauce on the side—prepared medium unless requested otherwise
Baked Flounder   18
seven-ounce boneless baked flounder filet served with your choice of Cajun seasoning or lemon butter
Stuffed Flounder   20
seven-ounce boneless baked flounder stuffed with crabmeat, served with your choice of béarnaise or lemon dill sauce
Crab Stuffed Shrimp   20
five jumbo shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, then baked until golden brown
Cold Water Lobster Tails   32
two five-ounce broiled cold-water lobster tails lightly basted in our own seasoned butter



Steaks cut at table upon request


Center Cut Sirloin   19
ten ounces of our moderately tender steak seasoned with our house blend of herbs and spices, and griller over live charcoal
five-ounce cut available  15
Crown Sterling Ribeye Steak   23
a ten-ounce cut of aged and marbled Western Ribeye, lightly seasoned, and grilled over live charcoal



The Host Choice Dinner   25

#1 Seller since 1970!

a ten-ounce cut of the Crown Sterling Ribeye Steak, a Crown Sterling Wine Sauce Parfaitand a glass of our house wine


The Crown Filet Mignon   30
eight-ounces of our leanest steak, lightly seasoned, and grilled over live charcoal.
(due to thickness, we recommend rare to medium; otherwise, the filet may be butterflied)
ten-ounce Filet cut available   34
The Niblick Filet   25
for the lighter appetite, a five-ounce cut of tender filet mignon, wrapped in bacon
Steak Teriyaki   24
a ten-ounce cut of our Ribeye, smothered with a thick and rich teriyaki sauce of our own creation
Filet & Lobster   36
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with one five-ounce cold-water broiled lobster tail lightly basted in butter
Filet & Shrimp   30
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with two shrimp stuffed with crabmeat
Filet & Grilled Chicken   30
our bacon wrapped Niblick Filet served with one five-ounce chicken breast marinated in our own special teriyaki sauce
Prime Rib Special (Friday and Saturday night only)   23
ten ounce herb-roasted prime rib served with au jus
Crown Sterling Salad Bar   14
indulge your whims and create a meal in itself
 All entrees include the Crown Sterling Salad Bar; a choice of baked potato, broccoli or rice.




Burgers are made of freshly ground Filet Mignon and Ribeye steak.  Add salad bar to any burger for $4
Crown Mushroom & Swiss Burger   12
grilled mushrooms over melted Swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato, and your choice of baked potato, broccoli or rice
Crown Bacon & Cheddar Burger   12
grilled bacon over melted cheddar with lettuce and tomato, and your choice of baked potato, broccoli or rice
Crown Gorganzola Burger   12
melted Gorgonzola with lettuce and tomato, and your choice of baked potato, broccoli or rice